What are my closet dimensions?

When planning your closet makeover make sure you have your closet measurements ready. For a reach-in closet note the width (side to side), depth (front to back) and height (floor to ceiling). For a walk-in closet note the width of each wall (side to side), height (ceiling to floor) and cut-out locations (windows, doors or other obsta- cles).This will make sure the storage solution you choose will work in the space so you know how many options you can use. 

Planning your space.

When planning a design for your space plan on one organizer per wall. Pick your configuration for the wall from the choices included in the organizer assembly instructions or create your own. 

What accessories will work with my organizer?

Accessories can take your organization to the next level. Drawers offer additional organization of your space while enhancing the overall style & elegance of your closet. Glass doors hide shelf contents and belt & tie racks are the perfect place to organize those difficult items for easy access. Most accessories can be used with most organizer types however some only work with specific organizers or are only available in certain sizes. Knowing which accessories work with each organizer allows you to match the right organizer to your exact storage needs.

3.Choosing An Organizer

Pick your shelf depth.

Pick the shelf depth that works best for your needs. Its best to use 12in. deep organizers for reach-in closets 24in. in depth and for tight or narrow walk-in closets with limited space. The 16in. deep organizers are designed for deep set reach-in closets or average to large walk-in closets. For unique spaces be creative and mix depths to maximize storage space.

2. The John Louis Home Solution

John Louis Home closet solutions were designed for the DIY’er in all of us. From a novice to expert anyone can do. It just takes time. The same way you would take a day to paint a room, it requires time to install a new closet.

Installing a closet organizer will take the following tools: A pencil, level, tape measure, screw driver (preferably a battery powered screw gun) and a fine toothed saw for cutting shelves (preferably a chop saw or reciprocating saw). A buddy is always helpful but not necessary. 

The Cut-To-Fit system & how it works.

John Louis Home closet organizers are an off the floor cut to fit system. Each organizer has multiple configura- tion options. Some are included with your instructions or you can create your own. 

Add accessories & more to your closet organizer.

Use the full potential of walk-in closets to create a fashionable and functional space by integrating additional acessory towers, shelf runs and more to an organizer configuration. 

1. Before You Choose

What type of closet & door do I have?

Your closet type and door type play a pivotal part in determining the John Louis Home organizer that is right for you. The most common type of bedroom closet is the Reach-in. Reach-in closets are typically 24in. or less in depth (although they can be greater than 24in.) and it is recommended to use a 12in. deep organizer to allow for easy access to top shelf storage. If the doors are floor to ceiling you can use either 12in. or 16in. depth organizers. It all depends on your preference.

Walk-in closets are as many sizes as you can think of. There is no set standard. When dealing with large closets, it’s your choice whether to use a 12in. or 16in. depth organizer. Just make sure to allow space so you can move around easily within the closet. 

Buying Quick Guide

An unorganized messy closet often spills into the rest your space. A shirt not hung, shoes randomly on the floor, a belt over here, a bag over there. Imaging it all organized. John Louis Home provides you the solution to a neat, tidy well organized space that looks and feels great. You’ll feel the same too. This quick guide helps you determine what your organizational needs and requirements are and which storage solution is right for you.

Pick your accessory tower type.

Organizer towers are designed to handle multiple organizer accessories ranging from drawers to shelves to pant racks and more. Each organizer “Brand Collection” uses a different tower type. The John Louis Home organizer collection uses a 6ft. tall tower with ventilated sides able to handle drawers, adjustable shelves, doors, baskets and more. The Woodcrest organizer collection uses a 4ft. tall tower with solid raised panel sides creating a “Cabi- net” style tower able to handle drawers and adjustable shelves. The 4ft. size offers versatility in how the tower is used. Use on the floor to create a drawer or shoe cabinets, use stacked to create a floor to ceiling tower, or position anywhere on the wall within your closet design. 

Closet Appeal