Closet Appeal

11 Shades - White to Mahogany.

Approximately: $2500

Walk-in closet with 2 towers and 2 hanging shelves will cost approximately $2500.  

Available Tower Fronts SPECIAL order. Furniture in your closet!

Below are samples of: our 11 color shades, 3-D drawings. installations, etc.

Reach-In closet cost approximately $500.

Based in Orange Park, FL. U.S.A.

We ship directly to your home.

All projects (Closets-Pantry-Laundry) are CUSTOM made by our U.S. mfg. using hardwood from U.S. grown ASH trees. FURNITURE GRADE!

Towers are available in: Depths of 14" & 16"

Widths: 24" & 30"

Heights: 85" & 96"

​This is a piece of furniture in your closet.

Say "NO" to FAKE WOOD COVERING! Low quality particleboard using melamine uses covering! 

Established: 2007

Approximately: $500

So, "What's it going to cost?"

WE SAVE YOU $$$: ​Always ask to have the labor broken out and charged separately to avoid having to pay sales tax on it. We do that!