Closet Appeal

Say "YES" to natural solid ASH hardwood closets!

Based in Orange Park, FL. U.S.A.

We ship directly to your home.

(904) 607-4888 

Closet Appeal Brings Solid Wood to Your Closets

Pics above: Our USA products made from the Ash hardwood tree. This is furniture in your closet space!

Say "NO" to particleboard with melamine covering!

Closet Appeal Presents: 100% Made IN the USA from USA Trees

Established: 2007

All closets are NOT created equal! At Closet Appeal we sell SOLID WOOD. Wouldn't you rather have solid ASH hardwood instead of particleboard with a melamine covering with the fake wood look?

OUR PRICES are at least equal to or in most cases better than any particleboard product. We sell furniture grade material.

"When my clients are happy, I'm happy!​​-Gary

Available in 11 fabulous colors from Pure White to Dark Mahogany.

Ash is know for it's hardness and furniture quality.

In-home design, consultation, or a sample. 

Installations: Experience Counts - Meet or talk with the installer before making the purchase. The installer makes or breaks the finished product.