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Closet Appeal  & Solid Wood- Since 2007

Totally made in the USA from ash hardwood trees.

Welcome to our newest supplier of solid wood products!

Our Chief Designer

This is Gary

"My commitment is to stay with  your project from start to finish. No matter where the project is located, from the USA, the Caribbean, to Bermuda, I'm here to see it through." - Gary

The above product is:

Closet Appeal


Selling worldwide - SOLID WOOD VENTILATED shelving for closets, pantry, or laundry space and now garage walls. Your purchase includes the following services:

Closet Appeal is proud to announce their NEW affiliation as a dealer for 

Cope Closet Concepts

Line of solid-wood closets systems.

Available In11 fabulous colors.

Made from natural ash trees, grown in the USA (same wood as baseball bats). Ash is know for it's hardness and furniture quality.

Cope Closets makes ventilated or solid shelving as well as towers with drawers plus accessories.

Contact Gary (904) 607-4888 for an in-homedesign personal call or a just a sample. 

  • Design planning
  • material selection
  • Shipment tracking 
  • Installation instructions
  • We'll recommended an Installation Contractor if you need one. 

We also design & sell a good pine tree product that comes in 4 colors. Durable and easy to keep clean. All SOLID WOOD!

AVOIDany closets using melamine! These closets are made with particle board and formaldehyde which is a highly toxic systemic poison that is absorbed by inhalation. The vapor is a severe respiratory tract and skin irritant and may cause dizziness or even suffocation!

Think "SOLID WOOD" with no  formeldahyde, no glue, no possible separation, & NO health issues!

We sell no

FAKE-Wood laminates.

Since 2007