Say "YES" to natural solid ASH hardwood closets!

"Our closets are like furniture." Steve VeZain 

Based in Jacksonville, FL. U.S.A.

We ship directly to your home.

Owner's Statement:

All closets are NOT created equal! At Closet Appeal we sell SOLID WOOD shelving, towers, and drawers & as important as the material is the installation. Closet Appeal will install all material and make you 100% satisfied with everything, if the material is sold within 50 miles of Jacksonville, Florida. We can also work with your installer to complete your project no matter who does the installation. 

Wouldn't you rather have solid ASH hardwood instead of particleboard that uses a melamine covering with a fake wood look?

OUR PRICES are at least equal to or in most cases better than any particleboard product. We sell furniture grade material.

"When my clients are happy, I'm happy!​​-Steve VeZain

"Furniture In Your Closets"

"We install

Furniture In Your Closets"

Our USA products made from the Ash hardwood tree. This is furniture in your closets!

Say "NO" to particleboard with melamine covering!

We Present: 100% Made IN the USA closets from USA grown trees

Established: 2007

Closet Appeal

Available in 11 fabulous colors from Pure White to Dark Mahogany.

Ash is know for it's longevity, hardness, and furniture quality.

In-home design, consultation, or a sample. 

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